All companies should be able to do HPC.

That’s why we love to do trainings, and prefer working as part of your team sharing what we know. 

We have helped several R&D and product-development departments get up-to-speed and get things done with OpenCL and HPC.

Let us help you getting faster algorithms and software!



What we do

What we do

We speed up your software.

We do that by using matrix and vector computations which are unused in most software. Furthermore, we optimize memory-transfers and cache-usage for even more speed-up. Speeding up your software gives you unique advantages over your competition:

  • You won’t have too much waiting time.
  • Real-time solutions are now possible.
  • You can learn the essence of your data sooner.
  • You are allowed to make mistakes and/or create alternative reports.
  • You can enter new markets for which your business had no time for.

We analyse your infrastructure and software to predict possible speed-up. If the speed-up covers your needs, StreamComputing is your partner to implement the solution. Programming languages like OpenCL (GPGPU), MPI and OpenMP help reaching these goals.

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Whom we help

Whom we help

Our appreciated customers.

Markets we focus on are Big Data, Risk-management, Vision/Graphics, Medical, Bio-informatics and Mobile. Examples of applications areas are:

  •  R&D departments in need of more processing power.
  • Companies in charge of processing big data with a need for more throughput.
  • Specialists who need their algorithms to be faster.
  • Developers on mobile platforms who need low power usage.
  • Providers of streaming media services who need to alter data in real-time.
  • Porting legacy-code to parallel processors without a complete rewrite.

You probably have the right hardware already, but you might not be taking advantage of all its potential. StreamComputing can make this happen.

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Get in contact with us to find out what we can do to make your systems faster. If you want to know more about the techniques, you can look around to have an idea. This site is visited by more than five thousand people every month as a main source of information about the future of computing.

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