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Learning OpenCL

OpenCL Optimisation guides

Not available (yet):

  • Imagination PowerVR
  • Qualcomm Adreno
  • Xilinx FPGAs

University courses

OpenCL-based GPU-programming courses





WebCL is a new standard-to-be for OpenCL in the browser. Currently there are a few implementations, while Khronos is working on an official standard. WebCL is available on Firefox for Linux32, Windows32 and Windows64 by Nokia. Also available for Safari on OSX by Samsung. A Node.js-implementation is made by Motorola. Examples made for another implementation will probably not work.


Check Khronos’ WebCL page for more resources.


Basic knowledge of C is needed to understand how to write kernels. Also many tutorials are in C++.

Basic OpenGL

Getting a grasp of OpenGL has advantages. Techniques for faster memory-operations in OpenGL have equivalents in OpenCL, giving reason to read on this subject.

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